Renovation Limburgs Museum Venlo


Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur has designed a renovation plan for the Limburgs Museum in Venlo. The accessibility and inviting appearance are increased, while the existing characteristic identity of the building remains. By opening the facade, adding a park-like forecourt, moving the name of the museum and giving the interior a fresh update, the museum gets a new look!

The plan for the forecourt, in collaboration with OKRA landscape architects, ensures that the building will be surrounded by greenery. As a result, the Limburgs Museum will be centrally located in the park and will form the characteristic entrance to the museum quarter. Elegant letters of folded steel are placed on top of the glass entrance volume to indicate the new entrance. The facade is made as transparent as possible to create a connection between the interior and the green forecourt.

The interior of the entrance area is given a new, welcoming appearance. The interior elements are designed to merge with the buildings characteristic and bold identity. Inspiration has been found in the colours and materials of the building and a number of prominent pieces from the museum collection.

To connect the museum with the public space, the old petrol station will be transformed into a café. The original layout of the petrol station is the inspiration for the new layout. For example, the counter will be placed in the middle, seating areas will be created along the round facade and an inviting terrace will be created under the wings, where people used to refuel.

The renovation ensures that the museum is once again a strong entrance to the city centre of Venlo.


Client Provincie Limburg en Limburgs Museum Project Museum Renovation
Type Public buildings Location Keulsepoort 5, Venlo
View on the map
Size 7.600 m²

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