La Primavera Maastricht


Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur has created a design vision for the vacant site between Heugemerveld and Il Fiore in Maastricht, in a team with RO groepMulleners Vastgoed and ZOETMULDER. Commissioned by Woningstichting Servatius, an ensemble of three building blocks has been created, each with its own interpretation, positioning and character. The detached building blocks are located on a raised ground level, surrounded by a green inner world.

Our vision ‘La Primavera’ is based on the principles: connecting and greening. We strengthen the urban connection between Heugemerveld, the Céramique site and the gates of Il Fiore. The positioning of the building blocks and the entrances is aligned with the surrounding buildings and routing. This makes La Primavera part of the existing structure. We will then make the new public courtyard and connections greener. Cars and storage areas disappear below the raised ground level. This way we create a green, safe and inclusive living environment where sustainability, nature inclusivity and the enjoyment of living go hand in hand.

The development, with a total area of approximately 10.000 m2 GFA, consists of 24 social rental homes and 63 owner-occupied apartments spread over three building blocks. The whole is located on top of a collective parking garage with the public green courtyard above it. Within the ensemble, each building block has its own character, but always in connection with each other and its surroundings.

The three building blocks acquire identity through colour and detail. The materialisation consists of three different colours of brick that match the buildings in the area. The stone grading comes from local clays and a nearby factory in order to reduce the environmental impact of the material. The details on the heads and sides are inspired by – La Primavera – spring. Abstract flower patterns are translated into a brick structure. These different flower patterns give identity to the building blocks individually and as a whole.


Client Woningstichting Servatius, Mulleners Vastgoed, RO Groep Project La Primavera
Size 10.000 m² Design 2020

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