Swimming Pool De Krommerijn Utrecht


The pool De Krommerijn is the only outdoor pool in Utrecht and is owned by the municipality. Uniquely, the facility is used throughout the year. During the summer it is an outdoor swimming pool, during the winter it is covered with a inflatable hall and used for swimming training. For the total renovation of the pool it was decided to choose a more permanent, more durable and stylish solution: a openable, air-filled plastic roof with high insulation qualities.

Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur chose the specific location of the pool next to the Oude Rijn, a place with distinct traces to the Roman period, as inspiration for the design of the new pool. The ritual of bathing and saunas was an important part of Roman society; therefore it seemed an appropriate setting for the new pool. The design provides circulation around the pool with pillars which support the openable roof. This circulation can also serve as a grandstand during competitions. The structure and dimensions of the building are especially visible in the sturdy, characteristic appearance of the architecture. 

The pool has become an attractive place where people from Utrecht and surroundings, young and old, like to come for a pleasant place to stay, recreate and participate in sports.


Client Council of Utrecht Project renovation and extension of existing swimming pool
Type Public buildings Location Weg tot de Wetenschap, Utrecht
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Size 4.400 m² Completion 2013
Advisors CAM Vermeij, Uden (construction) Berkhof Boerboom, Leusden (installations) Bastenhof Consultancy, Ede (aquatic installations) Peutz, Zoetermeer (building science) Ingenieursbureau Utrecht (IBU) (landscape/terrain)