Masterplan Landgoed Huize Bergen Vught

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The in 1916 established estate Huize Bergen was build in order of the family Fentener van Vlissingen – Roosenburg. The estate is localized between the woodlands of Vught. It contains multiple accommodations such as a coach-house, a floristry for flower arrangement and a workplace, which are developed around the same period. Other accommodations and facilities are build a few decades later in a different architectural design. The estate nowadays contains multiple facilities such as conference venues, a restaurant and hotel rooms. The renewed design includes a new welcoming route and accommodates three halls, a foyer and eighty hotel rooms. Because of the new adjustments, the existing restaurant transforms into an à la carte restaurant which will suit to have mainly one day conferences. The new building functions as venue for multi-day activity conferences and in the weekend as hotel for leisure guests.

In our new plan, the Villa and new ‘Village’ will form a unity together. The monumental Villa is now a big part of the experience the guests will have during their stay. The new ‘Village’ will make a connection to the authentic features of the Villa. However, the atmosphere will be different. The new ‘Village’ is energetic and dynamic and will have a lounge- like style as the building itself is sustainable in its design and connected with the natural environment. The manager house and floristry will be connected with the foyer, the hall complex and the hotel wing, to make it function as one unity.

The new Botanica connects the old villa and its landscape through sight lines and by translating the historic character into a contemporary newly built. The design of ‘de Botanica’ will create unity by connecting two existing historic buildings by means of a foyer and adding two wings one holding meeting spaces and another with hotel rooms.

This project is designed in collaboration with ZOETMULDER.


Client Joannes Bosco Stichting Project Estate
Type Interior, Renovation Location Vught
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Size 5.000 m² Completion Phase 1, summer 2016

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