Farm Grubbehoeve Banholt

  • Banholt


The existing L-shaped farm in the hilly countryside of Limburg is redeveloped into a residential home with studio, exhibition hall, holiday homes and a carport. The authentic shape of the caree farm is restored in a contemporary way. By means of a continuous façade of larch wood starting from the old farm into a new carport and closing the courtyard coming back to the farm. 

All functions are enclosed by the newly formed courtyard of wooden sticks. This new heart has become an essential part of the internal experience of the whole complex. A non symmetrical composition with anthracite concrete ties, local and native vegetation determines the format of this enclosed outdoor area. The height difference is visible through the water system which flows in characteristic way through the courtyard. In the complex is the old horse stable is transformed into a light and modern living space with a office. Two large openings made of Iroko wood frame the landscape and let the light inside. In the middle of the building is a stainless steel core containing the the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Two round stairwell which are completely wood-clad connect the ground floor with the second floor. The new intermediate floor consists of large oak beams with an Oak floor. The old characteristic beams remain in sight, at the same time, the whole roof and all walls equipped with excellent isolation. The original shed has been converted into a spacious studio with a large round skylight that could be used for exhibitions and meetings.

Throughout the entire project was collaborated with local artisans, locally available materials and local techniques. Sustainable materials of high quality were used and built according to the principles of a passive house therefore this renewed farm once more van be used for generations. Also materials were reused in different ways; the old steel ledgers of the intermediate floor are reused as construction of the new terrace, the roof tiles are used for an artistic Pavilion in the landscape and the removed bricks are used for a new gate for the landscape.

This project is designed in collaboration with ZOETMULDER.


Client Private Project Home and atelier
Type Housing, Interior, Renovation Location Limburg, Banholt
Size 800m2 Completion Start of 2016
Advisors Ingenieursbureau Wouters VOF Sittard-Geleen Contractor Laro bouw

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