Jeanne Dekkers is chosen for the design of Atolplaza Lelystad

The city of Lelystad selected Jeanne Dekkers Architecture to realize a new local multifunctional accommodation. The new building is expected to be completed near the end of 2008.

Atolplaza, the name local residents elected for the new centre, will be built in the Atol district and is part of the district development plan for East Lelystad. It was clear from the outset that the building was to be more than just a gathering of various facilities, organizations and persons under one roof. The centre was to be special and attractive and, above all, at the disposal of the various local residents. The population here is ageing fast, which means there is a need for rejuvenation. The city council feels that Jeanne Dekkers Architecture is just the firm for the job of realizing its ambitions. It hopes to jointly create a magnificent building for everyone to be proud of and come to feel at home in. The presentation proved that Jeanne Dekkers Architecture has an eye for the diverse aspects and wishes, and responds to them in its own creative way. ‘We took this into account in reaching our decision,’ says the city council.