Council Offices Leeuwarden


In 1994, the new Leeuwarden council offices were built in an environment featuring small-scale historical buildings. Introducing a large-scale programme into such a setting called for a composition of autonomous volumes, instead of a single volume. As it fragmentizes both the building and the location, the composition creates space in the city. The entrance traverses the historical Burmania Residence and then continues through a public hallway to the Oldehoofster Churchyard with its characteristic tower. The administrative building is to the west of the hall, with the main public information desks on the ground floor. This arched volume restores the sight lines towards the old church and is connected by bridges to the rectangular office block opposite. This block includes a patio and features striking details and colouring. Implemented down to the smallest detail, its proportions match the surrounding buildings. The colours are based on colours that are commonly used in Leeuwarden’s city centre.


Client Gemeente Leeuwarden Project Municipal offices
Type Public buildings Location Leeuwarden
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Size 16.000 m² Completion 1994
Advisors Corsmit Consulting Engineers, Rijswijk (constructie) Eta Adviesburo’s, Veldhoven (installaties) EGM engineering BV, Dordrecht (bouwfysica)