Community Centre & Day Care Delft


To replace a community centre formerly located on this site, Jeanne Dekkers Architecture realized a new community centre and a day care centre that, together with the church, complete a new local square. The two buildings are cornerstones in the orthogonal web of the neighbourhood. They have identical structures: an angular brick section of two storeys completed by a wooden volume that faces the square. By separating the wooden volume and the angular volume by a hallway, a ‘light corridor’ fl anked by central spaces was created. The large rooms are on the inside, the smaller ones on the outside. Increasing uniformity, the entrances are opposite each other. The youth club protrudes and has a skyward inclining cassette which, together with its vividly green interior, creates a unique spatial experience inside. Outside, the bent brick façades match the character of the surrounding neighbourhood. The wood on the courtyard side matches the atmosphere of the green playground and the function of the buildings.


Client City Council of Delft Project community centre and day care centre
Type Education, Multifunctional Location Raamstraat, Delft
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Size 1.000 m2 Completion 2003
Advisors ABT, Delft (constructions) De Blaay-Van den Bogaard Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV, Rotterdam (installations) Contractor Van Oosten & De Vette Bouwmaatschappij, Delft