Funding for NL-UK research project

The interior architect of Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur, Elise Zoetmulder, and the British graphic designer, Marie Jones, receive funding from the Art Council UK for a collaborative research project. Elise creates conceptual work in addition to her product and interior designs. In artisanal objects she rationalizes her intuitive design philosophy, oak frames are an important part of this. Marie, whom Elise met during her studies in Manchester, makes distinct graphic hand-woven patterns in wool. Both are inspired by each other’s work and want to learn from each profession. With this collaboration Marie and Elise want to make the weaving 3D by means of the frames. They will realize this by sending out models, exchange letters and a physical exchange in Delft and Manchester.

From 9 to 13 July, Marie Jones will do an artist-in-residency at the office in Delft. It will be a week of research, creating work and becoming acquainted with relevant contacts. They will conclude with an open studio, where everyone is welcome to give feedback on the work-in process. If you have ideas or a way you can contribute to this project, please let us know by sending an email!

OPEN STUDIO is on Friday 13 July from 16: 00-18: 00 at Papenstraat 7 Delft. 

Follow the process of the two on their Instagram @elisezoetmulder and @kochi_kochi