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The Tetra building is the new face of the independent Research Institute Deltares. The institute, that focuses on innovative solutions to Delta problems, was housed on an outdated campus designed in the sixties. Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur tried to find a suiting expression to the changing emphasize of the research of Deltares. New insights into the essence of hydraulic engineering, with more emphasis on the “soft side”, the ecology and sustainability, asked for a different architectural language. 

The Tetra building is the first step in the new masterplan proposed by Jeanne Dekker Architectuur to make the campus future proof.

The new energy-and CO2-neutral building has a facade that “reacts” to its constantly changing orientations. The tripodial main plan of the building, a reference to the ‘Delta’, makes the building multi-sided and by its sturdy simplicity it fits well with the robust seventies architecture of the original complex. The contemporary, reflective ribbon facade has progressing depths which functions as natural shading, while bringing a dynamic character to the facade. The light and open building hovers above the water and forms the focal point of the renewed Deltares campus.

Adjacent to the Tetra building Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur designed a small multi-purpose pavilion. The free form pavilion is entirely clad in wood and forms an ensemble with the Tetra building.

The three story high Tetra building consists of three wings of open floor office spaces. The interior consists of a tranquil pallet of natural materials and colors; mainly wood and concrete combined with pastel tints. The three wings and floors are connected by a spacious main hall with a large representative staircase.


Client Deltares Project New office and pavilion
Type Public buildings Location Rotterdamseweg 185, Delft
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Size 6000 m2 Completion 2013
Advisors Pieters Bouwtechniek, Delft (construction), Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V., Amsterdam (installations)