Brede School Laterna Magica Amsterdam IJburg


The Laterna Magica accommodates two schools, a day-care centre and a sports centre. The building is on a large square along a road lined with housing. Education here is based on Natural Learning, with children learning in units. The units are subdivided into different spheres that may focus on games, concentration or group learning. The façade’s flatness is due to the urban design; the building line of this three-storey building was required to match that of the façades of the existing houses. It is dark grey, with various colour accents. A gate between the sports centre and the school lends access to the square and to the entrance. The entrance leads to a full-height atrium that rises, floor to floor by stairs, to a high, yellow roof. This central indoor space, which lends access to all the units, thus serves quite literally as a ‘lantern’ for the building. Nature is an important part of the special outdoor area which includes a vegetable garden and chicken coop.


Client City Council of Amsterdam Project primary education, sports facilities and day care centre
Type Education, Multifunctional Location Eva Besnyostraat 491, Amsterdam IJburg
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Size 6.184 m² Completion 2011
Advisors Adviesbureau Tielemans, Eindhoven (construction) Adviesbureau Nelissen, Eindhoven (installations) Contractor Huib Bakker Bouw, Heemstede

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