Sense & Care Platform

Sense & Care is a platform for research as a new department within Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. This platform is working on the research involving the sensorial experience as a starting point for the built environment. In the literature about sensory perception, from Juhani Pallasmaa until Peter Zumthor and others, they constantly referenced to atmosphere. Analyzing what creates a good atmosphere requires more study. It would be good to introduce a language through this study, which can be used to design with the senses and not only talk about atmosphere in descriptions. Design tools will be developed from the analysis of sensory perception, which will be used into the design process.

Designing with senses

The design of our environment deserves more attention per square meter. The realization of megalomaniac structures where people live like ants trying to feel home leaves little space for the individual. Lost in the rush of traffic, a train or a mall people search for an individual place to work and live. This daily ritual makes it difficult for people who has the need for special care and a balance in life to find themselves and keep developing and function in the society. The design of our environment must be considered from the experience of the individual. The role of the senses and thereby the sensory experience of the built environment is of great importance.

Pleasant environment

It is important for everyone that the environment is pleasant and familiar. Our focus in the platform is on ‘normal’ people as well as on people with a disability or disadvantage, users that has the need for special care. We are thinking of older people in our society, people with a mental health problem, visually impaired, hearing impaired or children with learning disabilities, but rather the well-being of ‘normal’ people in everyday life. In short, our target group are people who find themselves in circumstances where the built environment is important for the well-being and in this case should be designed with the greatest care.

Care & education

Our environment is constantly changing. At this moment and in the future there will come much more elderly, who will have the need for extra care as well as people with a disability. This includes the education of children with disabilities. Taking care of the group with a disability or lack should have more place in the World that seems to becoming bigger, faster and more fleeting.